Our mission

We help homeowners choose great builders,
and we help great builders succeed

There are plenty of tradesmen out there, but finding a good one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. At ZooukaBuilder, we take the hassle out of finding the right tradesman with our unique matchmaking system. Once your job is posted, we alert relevant tradesmen and those interested get in touch. You see full work history and customer feedback comments, helping you choose the best builder for your job.

It is difficult getting a builder and more difficult getting a builder you like. ZooukaBuilder.com helps with that process.

And if you think life is any easier for builders looking for work, think again. Finding clients can seem like an impossible task and traditional advertising and directories almost never works. The trades need to focus on doing great work for their customers, without having to worry about where the next job will come from. ZooukaBuilder’s feedback system means that today’s client helps ZooukaBuilder tradesmen win tomorrow’s work.

Our history

Ryan Notz, a stonemason and roofer working in Bristol, dreamed of a better way to find work back in 2004 by giving consumers a way to find local, reliable builders. He immediately set out to make his dream come true by setting up an office in his garage. After two years, a few false starts and a lot of late nights, ZooukaBuilder was launched.

Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners choose the right builder for their project; and we’ve ensured that thousands of tradesman all over the country have a steady stream of work.

Inspired by Ryan’s vision, we’re still working hard to make sure ZooukaBuilder is the single best way for homeowners to choose great builders and for great builders to succeed.

Why we get out of bed
in the morning

Hi everyone at ZooukaBuilder,

ZooukaBuilder has changed my life. That might sound over the top but as a self employed Builder I have struggled these last 5 years. I have paid for high price ads in newspapers, sent out mailshots and even spent my weekends leaflet dropping, just trying to make a living.

I’m a good builder but none of it paid off for me, the odd job would come in and I have a few regular customers but no way of actively promoting myself and proving that I am a hard working, honest tradesman.

I was doubtful about joining ZooukaBuilder, another outgoing was a worry but I can honestly say that my whole business has taken off, I have a whole new client base and somewhere my customers can leave me feedback for new customers to see. Fantastic! I have earned more money in the last 4 months from winning and completing jobs than I have earned in the last year! My business is finally back on track and I put it all down to the expose I get on ZooukaBuilder.

Gaining feedback has become a real “reward” system for me, its great to hear what my customers say and its a great buzz to get invited to jobs. As a result I’m booked up with work until July! I just cant thank you enough, so even if this doesn’t make the homepage please pass my comments on to the powers that be because I was about to pack it all in. I have had my first family holiday in 7 years (only a weekend though because I am too busy with work!) I’m even advertising for staff!! If anyone had told me how successful ZooukaBuilder would be for me I would never have believed them!

So thank you ZooukaBuilder – amazing! off to work I go….. 🙂

Casey Oliver
CJ’s Building

By the way, we’re hiring